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2iC Limited makes innovative software to securely and flexibly connect and control disparate old and new digital systems where previously it was too difficult, too expensive or too slow. 2iC's products are optimised for lean environments such as industrial field operations, the battlefield or front-line emergency services.

2iC's business model is to continually innovate then package that innovation and expertise into software that Systems Integrators and Equipment Manufacturers can quickly exploit. As the original inventors of the Lean Services Architecture, 2iC produce a range of commercially available software products to enable rapid adoption of Lean Services, particularly 2iC/Connect®.

Previously 2iC offered a free Java SDK, due to the high costs associated with offering a free product this is not currently offered. 2iC are reviewing options and would appreciate your input. If you would like more information on 2iC's software, or would be interested in a trial licence then please use the form below to get in touch.
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