Following completion of a UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) proof-of-concept project funded through their Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), 2iC Limited created the Lean Services Architecture (LSA). 2iC then successfully trialled the LSA as part of the MoD's Land Open Systems Architecture (LOSA) programme. The practical field trials used real military equipment in collaboration with existing defence suppliers to expose Lean Service Interfaces to their equipment.
The LSA was proposed for, and included in, the MoD Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) Defence Standard (DefStan 23-12) and Common Open Interface Land COIL Defence Standard.
In November 2013 the MoD contracted 2iC to update the Lean Services Architecture and assign the copyright to allow MoD to publish it the public domain using an Open Government Licence. This was completed in January 2014 with publication by MoD.


The MoD has invested in Lean Services and has decided to drive forward its adoption. MoD is in discussion with the British Standards Institute (BSI) to take on the governance of Lean Services and publish it as a British Standard. In parallel MoD's Information Systems & Services (ISS) also seek to drive forward Lean Services.
To drive MoD adoption and to provide suitable long-term governance, ISS is the sponsor of the Lean Services Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG is chaired by a representative from ISS and supported by a member of the MoD LOSA team with industry attendees who are all be technical staff with hands on Lean Services experience.