Lean Services Architecture

The Lean Services Architecture (LSA) is an open schema-based request/response and event message protocol and supporting architecture that provides a Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) in the operational and tactical military domain, or other similar environments such as front line emergency services and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Lean Services is software-only, with low implementation overhead, making it suitable for lean (low powered) computing devices and lean (low bandwidth) communications. It is operating system, programming language and transport protocol (and bearer) neutral.

    Typical characteristics

    Typical environmental characteristics for using Lean Services are one or more of the following:
    • Low powered computers with no central servers available, or assumed to be accessible;
    • Variable quality communications; low bandwidth, high latency, frequently interrupted;
    • Large numbers of frequently changing participating systems and platforms.


    The Lean Services Architecture specification is published under the Open Government Licence by the UK Ministry of Defence and can be found on the Defence Standards (DStan) website.
    For easy access a copy of the latest version (2) of specification can be downloaded below.